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August 29, 2009

Dig out your family snapshots of Split Rock Lighthouse!

Filed under: 100th Anniversary — Lee Radzak @ 6:18 pm

At Split Rock Lighthouse we are all about involving the public in our programs.  Because the lighthouse has been an extremely popular tourist destination since the 1920’s there is a long history of people visiting, and recording their visits, to Split Rock.

Split Rock, 1960

Next summer, for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the lighthouse, one of our staff had the great idea to invite the public to share family photographs of their visits to Split Rock over time.  This sounded like a fantastic way for visitors to get directly involved with the history of the lighthouse and to share some of their own personal history.

So, we are asking all of you who have photographs of Split Rock Lighthouse from before 1980 to share them with us at the historic site.  They will go into an exhibit in the visitor center next summer plus we will post them on the Split Rock Lighthouse website, www.mnhs.org/splitrock.  We are looking for any photos of your family at the lighthouse or scenic shots of the grounds or the lighthouse from your visit before 1980.  Why 1980?  Much of the restoration that was done at the site to bring the light station back to its original condition was done in the 1980’s so we are looking for older photos to show changes in the site before that time.  Also, we all know how digital photography change peoples ability to take hundreds, not dozens of photos, and we will just not be able to accomodate all the digital photos.

So, dig out your family vacation albums from years back.  Pop out your Split Rock photos and stand by for more information on submitting either the photos or scanning and emailing them.  Let’s see how far back we can go with peoples memories of Split Rock.

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  1. There were several interesting visitors to the lighthouse yesterday, Sept 12. One woman had been there 70 years ago as a little girl. The Keeper on duty invited her family to join him in the tower as he filled the fuel tank with kerosene, the last year the lantern was fueled with kerosene. Visitors were not always allowed in the tower.

    Another visitor, currently a wheelsman on the Gott, mentioned the upgrades at the various lights around the lake this summer. His opinion is that new onboard technology will make most of the traditional navigation aids obsolete.

    Comment by Dave Carlson — September 13, 2009 @ 11:11 am

  2. The photo posted above is the way I remember the scene in 1954, although the vehicle in the background obviously is much older.

    Comment by Dave Carlson — September 13, 2009 @ 11:15 am

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