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100 years ago at Split Rock

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

In May 1909 a small army of workmen landed at the base of Stoney Point, the 130-foot cliff on which Split Rock Lighthouse was to be built. The early summer was spent dynamiting and clearing the point and by mid-summer they began construction on the ten buildings that would comprise the light station. Now, 100 years to the month, workmen are again climbing on scaffolding, laying brick, mixing concrete and painting and pounding nails on the same buildings. These latest efforts in 2009 are part of a two-year preservation project that began in 2008 to ensure that the light station is restored to its original condition for the Split Rock centennial which will be celebrated during the summer of 2010. In addition to the construction workers who are currently working on the lighthouse and fog signal building the staff at the historic site is also making preparations. We are anticipating that the historic site, and the North Shore in general, will continue to be a popular attraction this summer and next. In spite of the lazy economy the ’staycations’ concept seems to be proving out with a busy Memorial weekend at the lighthouse. Within the next two weeks the scaffolding will be removed from the lighthouse and all of the light station buildings will have a just-built freshness to them. Just in time for summer vacationers to get the great pictures of the lighthouse that they are looking for.