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July 6, 2010

Library In-House Page

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Here is the URL for the Library’s in-house webpage, which brings a lot of good information together in one place:

Remember, none of the subscription links will work outside of MHS. (Ancestry, Clio, HeritageQuest, WorldCat, Digital Sanborn Maps, and the Proquest newspaper database. Also, nothing under “Search for Articles”–but that’s all available via ELM so just use your local library’s webpage.)

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May 18, 2009

Minnesota History Articles Linked from MnPALS Catalog

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The Minnesota Historical Society Library is pleased to announce that the MnPALS catalog records for 1,347 Minnesota History quarterly articles, from Volume 1 through Volume 56, have been enhanced with links to their digital versions. Now you will be able to access the digital versions of these articles via the library catalog. We will be regularly adding links as the articles become available online.

See the links in action for yourself by browsing the list.

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March 31, 2009

Minnesota History Journal Now Searchable Online

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A great day has arrived for researchers and writers of Minnesota history.  We can now do full-text searches of the journal Minnesota History from the first issue up through 2003. The most recent 5 years will not be searchable in hopes of encouraging readers to purchase copies. 

From the Minnesota History homepage you can search by year and issue, get a list of the articles in that issue, and then open a PDF of that article. Or you can still search the index (grey navigation bar on the left-hand side of the webpage) by letter of the alphabet and index entry, then click the blue hotlinks to the full text of the citation(s). 

Please consider sending some of your “finds” in this wonderful resource to the Researchers Notebook blog if you think others might be interested in them as well.

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March 9, 2009

Minnesota State Census Available

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The Minnesota Historical Society now has available on its website an index for and images of the Minnesota State Census, 1849-1905. This is the same index and images currently available on but unlike Ancestry, MHS will be able to correct the index and even replace bad images. 

The index works like the Minnesota Birth Certificates and Minnesota Death Certificates indexes, with drop-down menus for “exact,” “contains,” “starts with,” and “ends with” for both last and first names; Soundex and extended Soundex; and the ability to limit the search by year and county.

The Society’s innovative WOTR (Write On The Record) comment feature is usable on the census index. This means that you can report errors and MHS will make corrections. Also, the census images can be purchased online, with electronic delivery within minutes, just like the birth certificate images.

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December 5, 2008

William Clark Papers at KSHS

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The Kansas State Historical Society has an online searchable database of correspondence during William Clark’s tenure as the Superintendent, U.S. Office of Indian Affairs, Central Superintendency, St. Louis, and the tenures of others thereafter.

The database currently contains vols. 1-9, and vol. G–the only lettered volume in the series, which contains the last of Clark’s correspondence. It is an ongoing project, with more content regularly added.

The following microfilm of the Clark Papers is available for interlibrary loan: vols. 1-4 (reel no. MS 94); vols. 5-8 (reel no. MS 95); vols. 9-13 (reel no. MS 96); vols. 14-20 (reel no. MS 97); vols. 21-25 (reel no. MS 98); vols. 26-33 (reel no. MS 99).

Indian records include correspondence, 1813-1855; claims, 1807-1830; licenses and permits 1813-1825; descriptions, 1815-1817; journals, 1826-1835; property returns, 1840-1853; accounts, 1822-1853; and correspondence registers, 1837-1839, of the Missouri, Central, and St. Louis Superintendencies of Indian Affairs. The records contain information on the Indian emigration, treaties, the fur trade, claims, Indian education, roads, employees, meteorology, and steamboats. Indian agencies represented include the Osage, Sac & Fox, St. Peters, Upper Missouri River, and others; Indians represented include the Delaware, Fox, Ottawa, Sauk, Seneca, Shawnee, Sioux (195 results), and others.

The Chippewa are not listed on the front page as one of the searchable Native American nations, but I searched “Chippewa” and got 83 hits.

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July 29, 2008

Indian Agency Annual Reports on Google Books

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Linda B. reports:

Indian Agency Annual Reports are now online through Google Books. I can’t tell how many are there–they are not listed chronologically. But the price is right; you can read material, copy it as text, and hug it if you like. As for printing, so far all I can do is lasso page segments, and paste elsewhere. The Print command only prints blanks for me, sigh.

It’s fabulous to be able to search for particular names or tribes. Just remember to use 19th century spellings!

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May 29, 2008

Federated Search Engine Launched

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The Minnesota Historical Society launched the PeopleFinder and HistoryFinder (keyword search) federated search engines on May 29. They will allow users to search with one click across many of the MHS databases, such as the MnPALS catalog, the Visual Resources Database, the Birth Certificates Index, and the Death Certificates Index.


Eventually the federated search engine will allow users to search North and South Dakota databases, and several Minnesota county historical societies as well.

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