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July 30, 2008

August Meeting

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We will gather for the monthly research meeting at our regular day–this coming Tuesday, August 5, from 10:00 a.m. to noon in the Publications offices’ Knight Research Suite. We haven’t located a larger meeting room yet, but Debbie is working on it.

Debbie will talk a bit about a video in the works about the 38 Dakota men hanged at Mankato. (FYI - Related to that, the PBS History Detectives show on a commemorative spoon about the same subject will air Monday August 18

If you can’t make the meeting but would like to send a message to the group (raising a question, asking for research help, making an anouncement, or offering a suggestion), let Debbie or Kathie know. We can even post your message on the blog, if you want, and you can receive “virtual” answers! We look forward to hearing about your current and planned research projects. Please let Debbie or Kathie know if you would like to remove your name from the monthly reminder list.

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July 29, 2008

Indian Agency Annual Reports on Google Books

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Linda B. reports:

Indian Agency Annual Reports are now online through Google Books. I can’t tell how many are there–they are not listed chronologically. But the price is right; you can read material, copy it as text, and hug it if you like. As for printing, so far all I can do is lasso page segments, and paste elsewhere. The Print command only prints blanks for me, sigh.

It’s fabulous to be able to search for particular names or tribes. Just remember to use 19th century spellings!

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July 26, 2008

Pond House Events in August

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Steamboat’s Coming!

Sunday August 3
Discover what life was like on a 19th-century steamboat from a costumed re-enactor: packing a trunk, walking a gangplank with a serving tray, mastering nautical terms, and turning a ship’s wheel. Then get yourself some kettle corn and enjoy “The Mouldy Figs” as they play and sing authentic steamboat music interspersed with steamboat stories. The program and music will be repeated about every hour and are free; small charge for refreshments.

Return to Shetak: The Courage of the Fool Soldiers

Sunday August 17

Barbara Britain, a descendant of Lake Shetek survivors, has produced a 90-minute documentary about an event of the U.S.-Dakota War in which a group of young Dakota men rescued two women and six children that had been taken captive after the battle of Lake Shetek. This award-winning film will be available for purchase on DVD. Britain has produced many videos and is a retired special education teacher who lives in White Bear Lake.

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July 24, 2008

Jewish History

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The Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest (JHSUM) will hold its annual meeting on August 17, 2008, at Eastcliff, home of the president of the University of Minnesota, 176 N. Mississipi River Blvd., Saint Paul.

Dr. Linda Mack Schloff, who is retiring from JHSUM, will comment to two decades of collecting and interpreting Jewish history.

RSVP by August 8 to the JHSUM office - phone: 952-381-3360, or e-mail:

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July 18, 2008

Celebrating Minneapolis History

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What: Celebrate Minneapolis during its sesquicentennial with eight special events on four nights – from July through October – at Minneapolis Central Library. Details and event descriptions follow.

Who: Local historians, authors, educators and experts will present information on history, culture, architecture, immigration and growth.

When: July 22, August 19, September 23, October 21
5-6 p.m. social hour (boxed dinners can be ordered for $15 by calling 612-630-6081);
6-7 p.m. first session;
7:20-8:20 p.m. second session

Where: Minneapolis Central Library, Pohlad Hall, 300 Nicollet Mall

Cost: FREE

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July 14, 2008

19th Century Group to Meet Tomorrow

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The 19th century researchers group will meet for their bi-monthly research meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, July 15, from 10:00 a.m. to noon in the Publications offices’ Knight Research Suite.

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July 2, 2008

Panic of 1857 Information

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After leaving our July Researcher’s meeting, I found this series of letters, which are pertinent to the discussion of money matters during the Panic of 1857 and following years. Linda Bryan

All of these are from: M391, Roll 1, American Missionary Association, Minnesota Files, 1847-1882, Minnesota Historical Society Library. Fisk University assigned a number to each document and they are on the microfilm in numerical order by that document number.

Document #70848:
Saint Paul
May 4th 1858

My dear Brother [George] Whipple [honcho of Am. Miss. Assoc.]

…I made my purchases in Galena. I found, as I anticipated, that I could not use your drafts payable in three Months, without too great a sacrifice. Consequently I was obliged to limit My purchases to about half the amount I wanted to take up. My purchases amounted to near $500. which exceeded my Means of paying $200. I expect to draw some funds from _gov’t_ here, with which I shall be enabled to pay it. But the transportation from here to the Mission is a great item, which is yet to be provided for…

Document #70849:
Saint Paul May 7th 1858
Rev. Geo. Whipple

My dear Bro

[deleting here a discussion of trying to find a workaround for $500 which is due from Indian Agency but not yet arrived]…“It is no use for Me to try to collect any thing here. This place is now feeling the pressure of hard times. More than ever before, & I think they have not found bottom yet, by considerable. The country is now doing business mainly upon _State & City Scrip,_ & they have recently voted to loan the credit of the State for $5.000.000 & have thus hung a Millstone around their Neck, which they will doubtless have to bear for any years to come…

Yours Truly

J.P. Bardwell
Agt of A.M.A.

Document #70850:
Belle Prairie May 15th, 1858
Rev. Geo. Whipple,

My dear Brother

I arrived here on the 13th …. I shall return to St. Paul as soon as I learn that the Supt of Ind. Affairs has arrived, & if he does not arrive in a few days, I shall be obliged to raise some money on my Drafts at whatever sacrifice it costs, but giving three percent per Month for money is a hard way to carry on a Mission, 7 I shall void it if possible, but if I am compelled to Borrow Money, I have no expectation of obtaining it for less than that & I don’t know that it can be got in St. Paul, even at that….

Yours truly, J. P. Bardwell, agt. of A.M.A.

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