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Being located next to a light rail station, close by the Mall of America would be a considered an enviable location for many organizations and businesses, however the NWA History Centre deals with the  challenge of being tucked away in the basement of a nondescript 1980’s office building with little to no signage, which makes it a challenge to find.

Still, for airline and airplane buffs, as only one of three museums in the U.S. dedicated to a commercial airline and the only airline museum started and maintained by the airline’s own employees, it is worth the time to seek out.  It is a great place to stop and spend some time for those on layover at the near by Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport.

NWA History Centre built most of it’s collection through the donations of Northwest Airlines employees and a donated of material by Delta after the  NWA merger.

Learn more about the making of this video and the equipment used

NWA History Centre
8101 34th Avenue South
Suite B-747
Bloomington, MN 55425-1642

Phone: 952-698-4478

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