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David Grabitske is the manager of outreach services at the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Ordering for gift shops is well underway.  With the economy the way it is, we must be even more prudent about what we bring into our gift shops.  I’m curious about what companies area museums use for their wholesale goods.  Currently we use Ohio Wholesale, Kennedy’s Country, NMN, KIPP, Historical Folk Toys, Homestead Folk Toys, and Your True Nature (3 of these are new orders).  Your True Nature is a very green company and their products look fantastic, so I am taking a chance on them.  Can you share what sells best in your gift shop and who your wholesaler is?  It is expensive to try new product lines and I personally would feel more comfortable about bringing in ‘tried and true’ products over guessing!


c...@maxminn.net">June Lynne
Executive Director
Chippewa County Historical Society

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2 Responses to Tried and true at the museum store

  1. Carrie J says:

    In addition to similar wholesalers… We started featuring items made in our county with a great response – soy candles, art, wood products, soaps, clothing, accessories etc… because most of these companies are small we requested personalized labeling or naming. (ex: we have a candle named Becker County Breezes) One of our vendors even offered sales on a commission basis – we only pay for what we sell in a given time period. It is nice to support locally and often times patrons give a full gift basket filled with locally made items!


  2. Amy A says:

    Our locally hand crafted items are our top sellers. Being the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum we try to keep the majority of our items pertaining to pioneers. Our hand crafted Bonnets, Aprons and dresses for dolls, kids and adults are a wonderful seller online & instore. It is great when we can tell our shoppers that all the kids and adults bonnets, aprons and dresses are made with 6 miles of Walnut Grove, by Grandmothers, and it’s TRUE!! We carry items ranging in price from 25¢ to $120. Our souvenir line comes from G&G mfg out of Minneapolis. This includes Mugs, souvenir spoons, thimbles, pins,etc.
    Kipp toys is where we get several of our toys.

    Amy Ankrum
    Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, Walnut Grove


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