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David Grabitske

David Grabitske is the manager of outreach services at the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Is there a county historical society that recently completed a business plan or strategic planning using a consultant? Are there any consultants out there for helping county historical society weathering the current economic downturn? We are looking for someone to facilitate a Board Retreat focusing on meeting tomorrow’ s needs (which need a bit of defining) with adequate funding (sources/plan to be developed). In an effort to keep this blog free of advertising, please contact me off list with names or other specifics. Otherwise, do respond online with your experiences.

Sherry Stirling, Executive Director
Chisago County Historical Society

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  1. Joan Brainerd says:

    AASLH has a Technical Leaflet #242, “DIY (do-it-yourself) Strategic Planning for Small Museums” published in “History News” vol 63, Spring 2008 that I found very informative. Check their website AASLH.org or call 615-320-3203.


  2. Don Zuris says:


    Here are a couple of suggestions. The Museum Assessment Program (MAP) through the American Association of Museums and the Institute of Museum and Library Services offers an Institutional Assessment. It is a non competitive grant that involves a self-study, an onsite peer reviewer, and a written report. It is very comprehensive, but takes about 18 months to two years (or more) to complete the whole process. The Institutional Assessment looks at all aspects of your operation from funding to governance to collections and programming and marketing.

    A more immediate course of action would be to consult the books referenced in this week’s edition of this newsletter. The list seems to be fairly comprehensive, and might serve as a basis for discussion of a business or strategic plan to deal with the current economic downturn.

    I have been a MAP peer reviewer for a number of years receiving the Excellence in Peer Review Service award from AAM in 2007. I don’t know if I could be of any help, but feel free to contact me.

    A close friend and colleague of mine, David Grabitske is with the Minnesota Historical Society in the Grants and Field Services office, and may be able to offer some assistance.

    Best wishes in your endeavors.

    Don Zuris
    Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History
    1900 N. Chaparral
    Corpus Christi, Texas 78401
    361-826-4669 phone with voice mail
    d...@cctexas.com email


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