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David Grabitske

David Grabitske is the manager of outreach services at the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Did you ever want to ask a question on this blog? Have you noticed the more thorough discussions center around questions from those working at local history museums?

If you have something to discuss with Minnesota’s local historical organizations about the profession, standards, best practices, and more, send your blog to David Grabitske or Melinda Hutchinson. They will work with you to post for you. Remember, the blog is brought to you by the Minnesota Historical Society, so there will be just a couple guidelines to follow for webwriting. And, this blog will not post advertisements or solicitations. Sharpen your electronic pencils and send in your questions. Your colleagues look forward to hearing from you.

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3 Responses to Become an author

  1. Steve Cheesebrow says:

    I have a distant aunt who had taken the time and put forth the effort to write a book on the DeMars family taking the family back through Canada to France in about the 1540’s. The date I am not to sure about. The book is only printed on one side of the page.
    Now the questions that I have are, first, how easy is that to do and second, how common is it to find a book that is only printed on one side of the page.


  2. Mary Warner says:

    How many of this blog’s readers have emergency disaster plans for their museums? If you do, where did you start? How did you create a plan that covers every eventuality? Or does your plan just cover the most likely disaster scenarios?


  3. Mary Warner says:

    Oops, David and Melinda, I didn’t send my question directly to you. The comments section makes it too easy to just ask here. If you want to repost my comment as its own discussion thread, feel free.


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