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Is there anyone out there with archives training who is now using PastPerfect for archives? I would like to find a resource person to talk to about the best way to set things up and the most efficient way of using PastPerfect for archival management.


Bobbie Scott
Programs Manager
Sherburne History Center

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4 Responses to Archives Training on PastPerfect

  1. jhoover says:

    Currently the Richfield Historical Society is using PastPerfect. Started out with one copy on a standard PC. However, we quickly realized that we needed it on a laptop so we could go into the Bartholomew House museum to register articles.

    Another program possibly worth looking at for smaller historical societies on a budget is Archivists’ Toolkit – http://archiviststoolkit.org. It is free and I believe, open source as well. I am wondering what other’s experiences are with it and how it compares to PastPerfect?


    Kelly Olson reply on February 13th, 2008:

    Mower County Historical Society just ordered PastPerfect and would be interested in training opportunities as well.


  2. Todd Mahon says:

    The Anoka COunty Historical Society uses PP for our archives, but we are currently trying to retool the way that we have been doing it. I have the most archival experience on the staff, and, unfortunately, it isn’t much.


  3. Todd Mahon says:

    Oops, what I meant to include was that I’d be interested in some group training. There is training available from the company that makes the software, and many of us have used that. But the trainers always make it clear that they are not curators and archivists and will only show you how to use the software, but not how to employ the best practices.


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