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Do you have a successful program for working with groups of Scouts  either Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts? Scouts are always looking for activities, whether it is a field trip, service project or badge earning activity. Museums are always looking for new audiences. How do we get these two together?

Share some successful and not-so-successful ideas.

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  1. Kathy says:

    We offer special tours for Scout groups. They receive a guided tour of the museum (where they learn about an important person in their community), then we tour our historic house (where they learn about kids chores in early 20 century), and they make a toy to take home. We designed the tours to meet the Scout History badge requirements.

    Seems like the word has gotten out because we have been booking these tours like crazy lately. I didn’t do any advertising, just made a few phone calls to the local councils and spoke to some leaders I know in the community. It pays to network.

    Also, we keep track of which troops visit and when a project at the museum seems like a good fit for a scout service project, I give them a call. This works great for both of us.

    Cheers, Kathy


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