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The June 26, 2007 issue of the Mankato Free Press noted the Blue Earth County Historical Society providing tours of the historic Blue Earth County Courthouse. Does your organization provide tours of buildings it does not own? If so, what are some issues of which you have to be aware? What have you learned that you wished you knew before you started providing tours?

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  1. Mary Warner says:

    We try incredibly hard here not to compete with our other attractions. If someone requests that we give a tour outside of our building, say a tour at another facility, we’ll do some checking around first. This happened just recently, where I was asked to give a tour at another attraction, and, as I suspected, the person asking for the tour didn’t know where exactly I worked and assumed that I was employed at the tour location. Before giving the tour, I made it clear that I was not with this particular attraction and I got permission from the attraction in order to give a tour of the grounds. I did not host a tour within the buildings at this attraction because I know next to nothing about them. My advice: Look before you leap and don’t step on anyone’s toes.


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