2007 Template Change

Technology support staff at the Minnesota Historical Society spruced up the template for Local History News by clarifying the difference between category and story titles, and making the tagline and image bar specific to local historical organizations. There are a number of behind-the-template upgrades as well. What do you think? Local History News is meant to be a useful service. Are the upgrades helpful? How is LHN useful to you?

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4 Responses to 2007 Template Change

  1. Mary Warner says:

    To be honest, I didn’t really notice the changes. It seems that things have been shifting around a bit since this began. I tend to look for things in specific spots, which may or may not be a good thing, so when something moves (like Discussions), I have to take time to hunt for it. Like the info presented, though. Keep it up.


  2. Suzanne Fischer says:

    I like the navigation: a right nav makes more sense than having the contents at the end. I admit that I didn’t notice the new tagline, but "Connecting Local Historians Across Minnesota" sounds excellent. The LHN is a great resource, and I appreciate all your work.

    So, David, is this blog called "MN Local History Blog" or "MN Local History Professionals Blog"? I’m just wondering, since it’s called both on the main page.


  3. David Grabitske says:

    Thanks for catching the inconsistency, Suzanne. Our IT support staff will update the page soon to read "Minnesota Local History Blog" as the blog is open to anyone with a computer, staff or volunteer or interested member of the public. Since starting this blog a year ago the amount of traffic has been excellent, and I know several people have benefited from the collective experience of contributors. Keep up the great work everybody.


  4. Joe Hoover says:

    Just thought I would pipe in and let folks know about the changes since I was the one that executed them. In addition to the changes that David mentioned, many of the changes were "under the hood" or changes that would not be noticeable for many. The biggest change was that the newsletter was recoded to make it work better across several email programs, most notably Gmail where it simplely just fell apart.

    Email clients do a terrible job interpreting code correctly and HTML emails can look wildly different depending on which email program you use.

    Yahoo probably does the best followed by Microsoft Outlook and Mac’s Mail program. Hotmail and Squirrel Mail can be dodgey at times but generally do ok. Gmail (Googlemail), while it has many great email features, HTML email is not one of them. It does a horrible job viewing them.

    If any one has receives email via other programs like "Pine" (a text email program) or Thunderbird (an open source email client) I would love to know how it looks.


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