PastPerfect Scatter Gather

I am looking into using the Scatter/Gather option on PastPerfect 4.0 that would allow me to use my laptop making access to PastPerfect in all the locations at our museum. I am the only user for the PastPerfect software in my organization.

Does any other organization use this Scatter/Gather option versus having networked computers?

Any good/bad experiences using Scatter/Gather?

Thank you,

Nicole Elzenga
Collections Manager
Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum

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3 Responses to PastPerfect Scatter Gather

  1. Ann Grandy says:

    We use the Scatter/Gather at our museum. I use a laptop to move around the museum and catalog the collection. We discovered that the wireless network wouldn’t cover all the locations so I would end up doing essentially a scatter/gather when I came back and plugged into the netowrk. (It is part of the network program – not exactly Scatter/gather – just a similar re-linking.) So we opted not to get the networked version.

    I find that doing the Scatter/Gather is easy – it is just a matter of doing it on a regular basis. We have several users, but we each use different areas of the program (I use the collection parts and my co-worker uses the membership and $ parts) so if I don’t do it every day it is no big deal.

    Good Luck!
    Ann Grandy
    Collection Manager
    Pope County Museum


  2. Mary Warner says:

    Our curator uses scatter/gather and has no problems with it. Same sort of setup you’re proposing – a laptop and a non-networked computer. She said that PastPerfect staff are very approachable and helpful with any questions or problems, so you shouldn’t hesitate to contact them.


  3. Marie Mueller says:

    We at one time had the same situation as you descibed. One of the people doing much of the cataloguing was working on her laptop. We purchased Scatter/Gather so that she could easily transfer the information she had added to our system. We found that Scatter/Gather did the job and it was quite simple to use.


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