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In reading many of the newsletters from county and local historical organizations, I note some usual suspension of hours to get some major projects done. It would be great to have many of you tell us what you will be doing during the winter visitation doldrums. Or, does your visitation slacken at all this time of year?

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4 Responses to Long Mid-Winter Projects

  1. Mike Worcester says:

    Typically for us, the first three months of the year are the slowest for walk-in attendance. So the bulk of our numbers come from school tours and pre-scheduled special events. This lag allows us to get a good start on cataloguing the donated items from the previous year, esp. since that tends to take up more space than other projects.

    We also use that time to do other mundane activities like storage room cleaning/consolidation, working on photo files to make sure images are where they are supposed to be, and updating exhibits.

    As I like to tell my "bosses", just because our visitation lets up does not mean we don’t have anything to do. (That whole glorified doorman stereotype.)



  2. Suzanne Fischer says:

    Our visitation is pretty stable, but we’re only open a few hours a week. Since staffing is going to continue to be a problem (our open hours are staffed by volunteers), we’re (okay, I’m) spending the winter totally overhauling our website to provide much wider access to our collections and to start collecting oral histories online. Hopefully that will also boost our visitation!

    We’re also evaluating our museum in 2006, and reflecting on and making plans for the new year.

    Hennepin County Medical Center History Museum


  3. Mary Warner says:

    Yearly planning, mounting new exhibits, & working with major collections projects tend to be our main winter goals.


  4. Mary De Roos says:

    We at the Wabasha County Historical Society Museum at Read’s Landing are continuing our struggle to get our inventory on the computer using the Past Perfect program. It is going at a snail’s pace, but we continue to move forward. Winter is when our volunteers can give more hours to these projects.

    With the proceed from the sale of a building last summer , we were able to replace a badly deteriorated roof and restore the bell tower on the historic Read’s School House. Moving artifacts from the old building to the school has caused us to evaluate our space, reevaluate our mission and move forward on our inventory project.

    At our Year End Membership Meeting on January 21, we decided to do a "Show and Tell" presentation for the new roof and bell tower and to let the membership see first hand what we were doing in all the clutter. We also invited the public to bring "Show and Tell" items. We were delighted to have several non-members show up including a 12 year old boy, touting a number of interesting items that they could tell about.

    We felt the "Show and Tell" program provided an opportunity for new people to come to the museum, tell about themselves and see what is going on with us. It was a wonderful way of sharing. Hopefully they will return. I know we will do this project again.


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