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More Oral Histories From Minnesota’s Greatest Generation

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

The latest oral histories from the Minnesota’s Greatest Generation project are now available to view and to listen to in the Library. This news is very timely because the Minnesota’s Greatest Generation exhibit at the History Center just opened.

This project chronicles the lives of Minnesota men and women through the World War II years. The interviews include the perspectives of war veterans, Japanese-Americans, German citizens, business leaders, and minorities.

This collection gives users the opportunity to hear the stories of Minnesota’s own Greatest Generation. If you feel inspired, you can share your own Greatest Generation story, too.

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New Oral History: Richfield in the Postwar Era

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

The newest part of the Minnesota’s Greatest Generation project, Richfield in the Postwar Era, is now available for the public to use. This collection chronicles the lives of men and women who lived in the suburb of Richfield, Minnesota, following World War II.  It follows Richfield’s transition from farmland to thriving suburb. The interviews were conducted with city and community leaders including former mayors, members of the Rotary Club, members of the Chamber of Commerce, city managers, members of the Richfield League of Women Voters, members of the state House of Representatives, and local business owners.



This collection coincides with “Minnesota’s Greatest Generation:The Depression, The War, The Boom,” an exhibit opening on May 23.  The exhibition relies substantially on first-person narratives drawn from oral history interviews, published memoirs, and reminiscences and letters in which a generation of Minnesotans narrates its own story.  The finding aid provides an overview of the Richfield in the Postwar Era oral histories.

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