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Posted byottokd on 23 Jul 2008 | Tagged as: Blog Information

The following user guide will help you get more out of your blogging experience.

Creating a New Account

You do not have to register to add a comment; however by registering, your comments — after your first comment — will appear directly without waiting for approval.

  • To create an account scroll down to the “Login or Register” section in the right-hand menu and select “Register.”
  • On the next screen enter a username and an e-mail address, then click “Register.”
  • Go to your email inbox and retrieve the automatically-generated password.
  • To log in, go back to the Researchers Notebook and enter your username and password on the Login page, then click “Login.”
  • You should be forwarded to a Profile and Personal Options page. There you can add your real name, personal or organization’s web site address, Instant Message ID, biographical information, and, most important, change your password.
  • Note: If you forget your password, the website gives you the option of having it sent to your e-mail address so you can retrieve it.
  • The page also gives you the option of selecting what public profile name you wish to appear with your comments. Be aware that you first have to add your First/Last Name and Nickname and save the profile before you will be able to select them to use as your public profile name.

Leaving a Comment

  • You now have the option of not only commenting on the post, but also commenting on other persons’ comments.
  • You have the option of being notified of follow-up comments via e-mail.


In addition to several anti-spam features, the blog is protected by the service, “reCaptcha”.

  • Before anyone can leave a comment, they have to verify they are human (as opposed to a spambot) by entering the two words—with the space—as shown to them.
  • The service also provides an audio-verification method for those unable to see the words.
  • If the words are unreadable you can click the refresh/recycle symbol to get a new verification challenge.
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Welcome to the Library & Archives Blog

Posted byottokd on 22 Jul 2008 | Tagged as: Blog Information

Welcome to the Minnesota Historical Society Library & Archives blog. Blog posts might include anything related to any topic covered by the collections of the Minnesota Historical Society! In addition to information about the collections you might find information on new books, manuscripts or archives collections, maps, oral histories, photographs, etc.; discussions of historical topics; reviews of books, articles, and websites; announcements of upcoming meetings, conferences, or seminars; information about changes in the Library’s hours; and similar things.

Feel free to join the discussions by commenting on the posts. Bookmark the blog and check for new posts, or register to be notified when new comments are posted.

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