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June 2, 2016

Purple Rain buttons by Button Works

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Since the untimely death of the Minnesota music legend, tributes and memorials have flowed from every corner of the globe. At the Minnesota History Center, the purple suit Prince wore in the 1984 film Purple Rain (filmed at First Avenue) was placed on public display the day his death was announced. Fans covered the wall with their memories of the artist. The suit will be on display in the History Center’s Gale Family Library until June 19, 2016, when it will be returned to storage for its continued preservation.

There is no shortage of local connections to the Purple One, and thanks to a recent acquisition, the Minnesota Historical Society (MNHS) now has another to celebrate. In 1984, Neil Baker of Button Works, based in West Saint Paul, Minnesota, produced 400,000 buttons to promote Prince’s Purple Rain album and tour. The buttons came in ten unique designs copyrighted by Purple Films Co. and Warner Bros., Inc. Mr. Baker kept examples of a number of the designs and graciously donated one of each design he had left to MNHS. These seven buttons and an additional sheet of uncut button images are our first Prince-related addition to the Society’s collection since the artist’s death on April 21, 2016.

Sondra Reierson, Associate Curator for 3D Objects

Learn more:

  • See Prince’s Purple Rain suit and other items from our collections in the Gale Family Library through June 19 during regular Library hours. The costume will return to storage then; other Prince-related items will remain on display through July.
  • Why is the Purple Rain suit going back to storage? Textiles are particularly sensitive to light and the Purple Rain suit has been in high demand since its 1987 donation. MNHS must strike a balance between making it available to the public and preserving it for future generations. See more about how MNHS cares for its collection and how you can preserve your own items.
  • Related items in collection: Purple Rain button 1997.219.1 Circular pin-back button featuring the cover image from Prince’s Purple Rain album and film, copyrighted 1984 by Purple Films Co. & Warner Bros., Inc. This is another of the ten button designs produced by Button Works
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