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November 26, 2014

Swee-Tone Perfume

Filed under: Item of the Day — Jason Onerheim @ 12:01 am

A jug of “Swee-Tone” perfume with the original cardboard shipping box, manufactured by The Nipola Company of St. Paul, Minnesota. In 1930 the Nipola Company was indicted with over thirty other businesses nationwide on charges of conspiring to illegally divert legally obtained alcohol to bootleggers because their products could be distilled for use in bootlegged liquor. This box of perfume was found with a cache of 70 similar boxes behind a false wall in a building on the Ancker Hospital complex at Jefferson and Colborne in St. Paul, Minnesota, shortly before the complex was demolished in 1967.

For more information or to purchase a photograph of this item, view this perfume bottle in our collections database.

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