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June 27, 2014

Diary entry by Matthew Marvin – June 27

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Diary entries by Matthew Marvin, Corporal in the 1st Minnesota Regiment who was wounded at Gettysburg. Marvin has been discharged, and is now home at his family’s farm in St. Charles, Illinois where he spends his time helping his family, visiting friends, and occasionally working in a friend’s store. On June 27 he writes, “Remained in the store all day[.] Work is rather light[.] Weather pleasant[.]” Marvin had returned to the hospital in Chicago to complete his discharge on June 15, and wrote “After [sm…g] a goodeal of Red tape & deceving the Guard I got my pay infull of WS G for Miletary Servace[.] Bought a suit of cloths[.] Bid good by to Miletary tyrony[.] I hope for ever comrads look Sorry at this fate[.]”

See week’s worth of entries here: 1864-06-27_Marvin_combined

Citation:  June 15 – June 30, 1864 Diary entries by Matthew Marvin, Diary, January 1- December 31, 1864. Volume 3. Matthew Marvin Papers. Minnesota Historical Society. [P2355 box 1]

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