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November 9, 2013

Diary entries by Matthew Marvin – November 9, 1863

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Diary entries by Matthew Marvin, Corporal in the 1st Minnesota Regiment who was wounded at Gettysburg and is convalescing in Illinois. This week Marvin receives visitors at the hospital and is granted a furlough to return to his family home in St. Charles. He writes:

November 5, 1863:  Sister [Lute] & Jane[,] Brother Jack & Cousin Vie were here[.] I went up to Kinches took Dinner & Injoyed myself first rate[,] for which I am very mutch Obliged to J.A. Kinch[.] Jack Lute & Vie have gone to Minnesota[.] Weather pleasant[.]

November 6, 1863:  This morning when the Dr came arround on his Inspection I asked him for a Furlough which was granted[,] Though very reluctantly[,] for 12 dayes[.] Went down to Kinches then went to the Depot[.] Weather pleasant[.]

November 7, 1863:  Stayed in the house all day[.] I think that my foot is getting worse[.] Weather pleasant[.]

See whole week: 1863-11-09_Marvin_combined

Citation:  November 4-9, 1863 Diary entries by Matthew Marvin, Diary notes and memos. Matthew Marvin Papers. Minnesota Historical Society. [P2355 box 1]

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