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September 26, 2013

Diary entries by Matthew Marvin – September 26, 1863

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Diary entries by Matthew Marvin, Corporal in the 1st Minnesota Regiment, still recovering from his Gettysburg wound in Illinois. Since his arrival on September 5th at his family home in St. Charles, Matthew Marvin has been busy reacquainting himself with family, socializing with friends and enjoying the comforts of home. All the while, Marvin’s foot continues to plague him. On the 20th he writes that “My wound is more painfull than it has been for 3 or 4 days[.] Stayed at home all day”, but the very next day he is distracted from his pain, writing: “The day has been long though pleasant in the Evening Mrs P & Misses P. Julus, G, H, B N. They stayed untill 11 oclock[.] sang & played on the Melodian[.] had some apples & peaches had a pleasant te a tea [tete-a-tete?] jennerly”.

Marvin’s holiday comes to a close on September 23rd when he returns to Chicago seeking an extension on his furlough: “Got up this Am 5 oclock & started for Geneva at 6 o clock with Father & Jane[.] Took 7 oclock Train for chicago & [arrived] 9 1/2 oclock[.] Mr Kinch took to the M.D. he would not extend my Furlough & said I could not stay here & that I must go back to Philada[,] that I had no business here. I thought differant so I went to the Marine Hospital & told them that I wanted to be treated & I was admited on an Order dated Sept 5th[,] assigning me [...] to this hospt by Dr Porter on the recomd of Capt Pomroy […]”

Consigned to a hospital, though it “is close to the chicago River & commands a good view of the Lake[.] The rations are first rate good enough & good dicipline is apperant”, Marvin’s foot overwhelms his thoughts. He writes “My foot seams to be getting worse the inflamation is in creaceing & it is gathering around whare the ball entered as if it would inlarge the hole[.] it is very sore[.] The Dr has given me some powder that are some bitter[.] tak 3 a day[.]”

By September 26th the boredom of his latest hospital stay is noticeable. He writes:
Received a box from home containing Clothing honey Jam Apples & cigars[.] Recd a letter fromPerk. & J.S.E.[.]  Weather pleasant[.]  amused myself counting the boats that passed my window into the lake[;] their was 80 passed out[.]

See week’s worth of entries: 1863-09-26_Marvin_combined_9-15_9-26

Citation:  September 15-26, 1863 Diary entries by Matthew Marvin, Diary notes and memos. Matthew Marvin Papers. Minnesota Historical Society. [P2355 box 1]

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