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August 1, 2013

Viking Beverages glass soda bottle

Filed under: Item of the Day — Jason Onerheim @ 9:30 am

Viking Beverages glass soda bottle

Glass 12 oz. beverage bottle printing with a viking ship and “Viking” on one side and a double blade ax and “Viking” on the other. Bottle is marked “Bottled by Viking Beverages, Inc. South St. Paul, Minn. 55107″. The company bottled this artificially sweetened beverage from 1968 until 1983.

For details, view this bottle in our collections database.

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One Response to “Viking Beverages glass soda bottle”

  1. JK Doyle Says:

    Viking Beverages made about 20 flavors of soda, all of which used the same bottles. The sodas were sold through distribution warehouses. I remember going as a kid and getting great flavors like grape, strawberry, black cherry, lime, and grapefruit along with classics like cola, root beer, and ginger ale. I picked up this same bottle today at an antique store. A piece of my childhood reclaimed!

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