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May 28, 2013

Letter from James Madison Bowler to his wife Lizzie (Elizabeth) Caleff Bowler describing happenings at the fort – Fort Heiman, KY – May 28, 1863

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My Dear Libby: [Mrs. J.M. Bowler, Nininger, Minn.]
Your good little letter was handed to me last night after I had gone to bed. I knew that I was going to receive a letter from Libby next mail, so I was not disappointed.
I received a letter from [Amon] this week, in which he informed me that he was getting much better than he had been. I am very glad to hear it; for if any body is ever deserving the sympathy of mankind it is a sick soldier away from home.
Your letter was very interesting to me. You know why. It makes me feel sad though to know that there is little hope for poor Kate. I will write to her before long. I am very glad that Pray has returned to  Minn. He has not answered my last letter.
You say you did not receive the paper containing Mr. [Aruls’] poetry. I sent it at the same time I wrote. It was in the Cincinnati Gazette. I received the Press all right, and the once in a while too, a very welcome visitor. Considerable excitement was created in the camp of our Regt. by the receipt of a Harper’s Monthly, containing a quaisi history of the Indian Campaign in Minn. Last fall, but really nothing more than a garbled version for the benefit of Col. Marshall and a few others. The 3d Regt., we are informed, arrived at Fort Ridgely and then the sage historian leaves them while Col. Marshall, Gen. Sibley, et al dial out death and destruction to the bloody “injuns” at Wood Lake. “Such is life.” Verily, the justice of history is the reward of the brave.
We are having some lively times now. Scouting parties are out continually after Guerrillas. We have now here, besides many we have sent W[est]  Co-lumbus, over 100 prisoners. Skirmishes with them are quite frequent. Day before yesterday Capt. Baker had a skirmish with fifty of them about thirty miles up the Tennessee, killed and wounded several, and captured ten without losing a man. Sergt. Pettibone is out now to guide Major Mattson with a force of three hundred. Pettibone is a great favorite on account of his energy and bravery. He is out most of the time.
I have got Dave Morgan in the Guard House, and have proferred Charges against him, for disobedience of orders.
I am just called on to go on duty as officer of the day. The boat leaves with the mail at nine o’clock, so Good-bye. Give love to all.
Ever yours

See entire letter: 1863-05-28_Bowler_combined

Citation:  May 28, 1863, Letter from James Madison Bowler to Lizzie, Correspondence, undated, 1829-1865. Bowler, James Madison and Family, Papers. Minnesota Historical Society. [P1330 box 1]

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