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January 23, 2013

Weather or Not: Winter in Minnesota

Filed under: Podcasts and Slideshows — Lori Williamson @ 5:11 pm

As Minnesotans, we love to talk about the weather. Talk about it, obsess over it, live in it, love it. Or love hating it, at least. Since the Saint Paul Winter Carnival and Crashed Ice start soon, we thought this a good time to look at a variety of winter weather from images and film in our Collection, including an Easter snowball fight, winter swimming, -20 degrees, and blizzards. Enjoy the misery of others and maybe watch it again come July!

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Produced by Sondra Reierson

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3 Responses to “Weather or Not: Winter in Minnesota”

  1. Erica Skinner Says:

    Love the music you chose for this one! Fitting. I’m going to hear it in my head tomorrow as I scrape my windshield.

  2. Rick Reierson Says:

    Wonderful images of the good ol’ days that make you smile. It helps me realize that we really do love it!

  3. Pamela Smith Says:

    I loved it. It reminded me of even MI in the good old days. I agree with the other two comments above and would love to be a kid again. Best to All.

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