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January 4, 2013

Special Order regarding the allocation of rations – January 4, 1863

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Head Qr’s [Rights Fraud] Division
Near Falmouth Va Jan 4th 1863
Special Order No 4
It is enjoined upon the commissaries of this command that hereafter they exercise great care and allocution in the issue of rations, the issue will be made except upon returns signed by the commander of the Regts detached companies, or by the officer in charge of the employees drawn for, and these commanders are ordered in all cases before signing provision returns to compare the number form on the returns with those shown by the morning reports. As they will be held strictly accountable, that no more rations are drawn than those required by the men actually accounted for by the morning reports. In cases of sick, the men will take their rations already drawn in their companies with them to the Hospital, and while in the Hospital will be dropped from their Company provision returns, hereafter each issuing company will endorse on the provision return on which he issues the date of issue
By Command of
Maj. Genl. [Sumner]*
(sd) J.H. Taylor Chief of Staff and A.A.G.
(sd) E. Whittlesey
F.M. Pleis

*Edwin V. Sumner, born in 1797, was the oldest field commander of any army Corps. He died in March, 1863.

Citation: January 4, 1863, Special Order No.4; 1st MN Inf, 1861-63; p. 80. Minnesota: Adjutant General. Records. Minnesota Historical Society. State Archives. [109.K.14.4F]

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