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January 3, 2013

Special Order regarding Officers’ rations and debts – January 3, 1863

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Head Quarters Army of the Potomac
Camp Near Falmouth Va Jany 3, 1863
Special Order No 3
The Comisy* Dept of this Army is ordered to sell to officers without funds such rations as they may require for their personal use. The amount to be placed opposite their names on the muster roll or Pay account, and will be deducted by the Paymaster before the payment is made to the officer; The money thus received by the Paymaster will be turned over, or credited to the Comisy Dept.
Hereafter officers applying for Leave of Absence or tendering their resignations, will be required to show that they are not indebted to the Comisy Dept, before their application can be considered[.]
By Command of Maj. Genl. Burnside
(Sd) Edward [U.] Neill
Capt and A.A.G.
(sd) E. Whittlesey
F.M. Pleis

*“Comisy” is an abbreviation of Commissary, the department responsible for food, stores, and transportation.

Citation: January 3, 1863, Special Order No. 3; 1st MN Inf, 1861-63; p. 79. Minnesota: Adjutant General. Records. Minnesota Historical Society. State Archives. [109.K.14.4F]

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