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January 16, 2013

Letter from Charles Goddard of the 1st Minnesota to his mother in Winona, Minnesota about his brother’s health and a shortage of postage stamps – January 16, 1863

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Camp Near Falmouth Va
Jan 16th 1863
Dear Mother I received your kind letter of the 4th day of Jan yesterday. Evry thing still continues very quiet here, but we expect a move evry day. Evry letter I get from you, you say that Brother Orren still continues sickly[.] I wonder what makes it. I am afraid the little fellow will never be very helthy, but if he gets to school once I think he may work it off. Ely is well and geting along fine also Chas North. Brink, John Lynn was over from the 1st Regular Cavalry the other day[.] he looks fine[.]
Mother I would like to know if you and Orren have plenty of clothing and if you have plenty of wood to keep you warm. You say in the last letter you had plenty to eat so that is all right[.] You asked me in one of your letters if I took the Herald[.] I do not take any paper but I some times buy the Herald and as often buy some other paper when I have money[.] My opinion of Horace Greely and Gordon Bennett is not very flattering I can tell you. as for Greely I consider that when such toungs as his are still the Union is safe. as for Bennett I have looked all over and I cant find him any whare. He always bets on the horse that wins. I should have to consider a long while before I could make up my mind which I liked best[.]
Mother how this army longs for McClellan to come back. it is not me alone that longs for him to come back, but evry one in this army. If you meet any one on detail from any other Corps it is the first thing you hear him say. I wish McClellan would come back. and the war department would support him. then evry thing would go right. There was to have been a review to day but the weather would not [admit] of it so the order was countermanded.
I am glad to hear that the Friends enjoyed them selves Christmas and New Years and I know they had a good dinner with out any body [litering] me for they never fail. And it’s a good turkey that will weigh 17 lbs I think. I think it wont be many weeks before we get pairs off again then I will send some home to you. if you are short of money you will have to live on hope a little while[.] according to an act of congress we wer to be paid off before the 15th of Jan up to the 1st of Jan but it is the 16th and we are not paid yet. There is 4 month due me when it comes. When I get my pay I am going enter in to a contract with you. I will send you money to buy postage stamps and every letter you send put in a three cent stamp and a one cent stamp but this contract shall not go in to effect until I get paid[.] Postage stamps are so hard to get here in fact we cant get them. the letters that are sent from here have the stamps on that come in the letter they recd from home[.] Good by mother and Brother
CE Goddard
1st Regt

See whole letter: 1863-01-16_Smith_combined

Citation: January 16, 1863, Letter from Charles Goddard to his mother, Correspondence 1853-1862. Smith, Orrin Fruit and Family Papers, 1829-1932. Minnesota Historical Society. [P1434 box 1]

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