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January 21, 2013

Letter from Charles Goddard and “A Divided North,” Minnesota 2d,” and “The Most Extravagant Woman in the World,” Rochester Republican – January 21, 1863

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Letter from Charles Goddard of the 1st Minnesota to his mother in Winona, Minnesota about his plans for the future and opinions on various politicians and Army officers.

Wednesday morning Jan 21st 163
No. 2   Last evening there was a general order issued that the Potomac Army would again meet the enemy, on the 21st day of jan 1863. but the weather is so bad that we can not move. It is strange that ever since this war comenced the 21st day of any month has been one of the unlucky days to us. At the 1st Battle of Bull Run, we wer defeated on the 21st day of July 1861. also was defeated at the Battle of Bulls Bluff on the 21st day of Oct 1861. I think that we can consider our selves very lucky indeed that it rains and we cannot get across the river. I suppose the people of Minn think the Army of Potomac are completely demoralized. I know one thing that this Regt is not the least mite demoralized and can at this presant time do as good fighting as they ever done, and I think there is a good many Regts like us. all that is lacking is confidence in the comdg officer Capt Hiram has a furlough to go away. he has been sick for some time. I do not know wheather he is going to Minn. I rather think not though[.] Tell Cousin Hellen that she must write to me once and a while. I yousto hear from her once and a while when I first came in the Army[,] but now I suppose skates and music ocupies all of her time. When we was in Fredricksburg there was plenty of singing books but I have no way to cary them so I had to let them stay[.] I would liked to have got one and sent it to Cousin Hellen and while I was about it I could of sent her a piano if I had the transportation for them[.] I had the pleasure of carrying evry thing I had on my back so I had no room for pianoes or singing books. I see our arms have been very successful in the west lately. The las capture of Arkansas just is not a bad thing. I expect Mother  that the Indians will brake out in the spring again but I am not much afraid of them getting as far as Winona. If they do get that far they will make a prety piece of business. I have comenced this sheet of paper [song] but I guess you can find the head of it.
Ely is well as ever also Charly North[,] Hiram A Brink. Ely sends his best respects to you. Give Mrs Ely my best respects. I do not know what to say about that express box. if you have got one all ready you had better send it, but after this I would not send any more. they cost a goodeal besides they ar so much trouble to you. I don’t think it pais to express things now for we are jest as likely to not get them as to get them. I suppose you have seen Mr Kennedy around Winona[.] he was discharged out of our Company[.] Well Mother I will have to close my epistle with my best respects to all of the Friends
My love to Brother Orren
and your self
C.M. Smith
Chas E Goddard
Co K 1st Regt Minn Vols
P.S.  I expect before this gets to you we may be a fighting, but do not say anything about our going to fight

See whole letter: 1863-01-21_Smith_combined

Citation: January 21, 1863, Letter from Charles Goddard to his mother, Correspondence 1853-1862. Smith, Orrin Fruit and Family Papers, 1829-1932. Minnesota Historical Society. [P1434 box 1]

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