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January 5, 2013

Diary entry by Matthew Marvin – January 5, 1862

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Diary entry by Matthew Marvin of the 1st Minnesota Regiment, written from the 1st Minnesota’s camp at Stafford Hills near Falmouth, Virginia. Marvin’s first week in the new year is a busy one. He goes out on picket duty and undergoes inspection but writes most often of food, eating “Beans and Hard Tack for New Years” and “drawing one days ration at a time so as to keep our 3 days rations good”. Marvin also tallies the men of Company K, noting that “Out of 99 men that put down their name on the 29th April 1861 to serve 3 months Their are only 26 men now drawing pay from the governmant and 5 or 6 of them are detached from the company”. Marvin also records his appointment to 1st Sergeant on October 31, 1862.

On Monday the 5th he writes:

Was on division Review[.] The reviewing officers wer Gen Howard Accompaned by Gen [Sidorick] and Staff[.] Maj Adams has command of the Regt now that the Col and Lt Col are off on Furlough[.]
Was on drill in the morning[.] the rumor for the past week is that we are going to Washington and that we will be releaved by the 7th Minnesota in the spring and we do State duty[.] Weather pleasant Very nice [Bully] for marching[.]

Citation: January 1-5, 1863 Diary entries by Matthew Marvin, Diary notes and memos. Matthew Marvin Papers. Minnesota Historical Society. [P2355 box 1]

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