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January 25, 2013

Diary entry by Matthew Marvin – January 25, 1863

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Diary entry by Matthew Marvin of the 1st Minnesota Regiment, written from the 1st Minnesota’s camp at Stafford Hills near Falmouth, Virginia. This week Marvin writes of General Burnside’s address to the troops: “Burnside in hs addrs said that our recent successes in Ark & Tenn & Ky had weakened the enemy in wes[tern] front & now was the time for the heros of so many battles to gain a decisive Victory over the enemy[.] The boys would not rais a cheer for him or the address”.

Marvin and the 1st Minnesota have been anticipating a move from their winter camp, but rain intervenes. Marvin writes, “the roads are allmost impassible[.] The bad weather has certanly frustrated the plans & we shall remain here sometim”. Just a day later Marvin records this observation: “About ½ doz of the Sholder straps* disgraced them selves & the Regt by geting gloriosly drunk”.

*Marvin refers to officers, whose rank is denoted by the “shoulder straps” on their uniforms.

On Sunday the 25th Marvin writes:

Come on Picket & relieved the 7th Mich[.] Instructions to allow no citizen to pass but let stragling Soldiers in[.] Their is one division that is stuck in the mud on their way out[.] herd but one bird chirrup & 2 crows crokeing[.] The roads are very bad[.] Their is a rumor that Hooker is under arrest for speaking disrespectfuly of the late movement[.] Sit around the fire till near [AM] Weather pleasant eraly on[,] AM sprinkled[.]

See more of the diary near this date: 1863-01-25_Marvin_combined

Citation: January 20-25, 1863 Diary entries by Matthew Marvin, Diary notes and memos. Matthew Marvin Papers. Minnesota Historical Society. [P2355 box 1]

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