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January 31, 2013

1970s – the Do Something Decade?

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Oh, the 1970s…they were quite a time. There has been renewed interest in this period lately, both scholarly and in popular culture. From the movie Argo to the book being published this fall by MHS Press, people have started taking a closer look at this often neglected time that shaped many of us. Today, however, we are taking the popular culture angle. These two pieces were added to the collection here just last week, and I thought you should see them.

Windom is a town of about 4,500 people in the southwestern part of the state. This program is from the beauty pageant held there, leading up to the Miss America pageant.

Were the 70s really the “Do Something” decade?

To balance out the beauty, I submit this:

This is a copy of Charlie Brown and Snoopy in German, published in 1971. The popularity of Peanuts knows no bounds, nor national borders apparently.

Both of these items will be cataloged and available in the Library for a closer look.

Lori Williamson
Acquisitions & Outreach Coordinator

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