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January 25, 2013

1960 Bob Dylan recording

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1960 Bob Dylan recording

A recording made by Bob Dylan known as the Minnesota Party Tape. The recording features Dylan singing and playing the guitar with a group of his friends: Bil Golfus, Bonnie Beecher, Cynthia Fisher and Cleve Pettersen. Fisher sings with him on “Come See Jerusalem.” Recorded by Cleve Pettersen at an apartment (possibly rented by Hugh Brown) on 15th Avenue Southeast, Minneapolis in the fall of 1960. Pettersen used a Realistic reel-reel tape recorder and Realistic tape stock.

Songlist: Blues yodel no. 8 — Come see Jerusalem — San Francisco Bay blues — I’m a gambler — Talkin’ merchant marine — Talkin’ Hugh Brown — Talkin’ lobbyist — Red rosey bush — Johnny I hardly knew you — Jesus Christ — Streets of glory — K.C. Moan

For details, view the tape in our online collections database.

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