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December 10, 2012

Artificial limb inspection

Filed under: Item of the Day — Lizzie Ehrenhalt @ 9:30 am

Artificial limb inspection

Major General Norman Kirk, Surgeon General of the Army (second from left), inspects an artificial limb at a Minneapolis factory during World War II.  Captured by a Minneapolis newspaper photographer on December 6, 1943.

For details, view the photograph in our online collections database.

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3 Responses to “Artificial limb inspection”

  1. Paul Trautman Says:

    Man on the left is Lucius Trautman
    The man on the right of the General is Ray Trautman
    The Minneapolis Artificial Limb Co.
    410 Portland Ave.
    Mpls., MN

    The man handing the artificial limb to the general may be Albert Wenger. He lost all four limbs to frostbite when in High school in Wisconsin.

  2. Jason Onerheim Says:

    Paul, thank you very much for the information! Our collection of Minneapolis and St. Paul newspaper photo negatives contains little cataloging information so many times I just have to guess who is who. I will update the record today.

  3. Ryan C Says:

    Yes, the man on the right of the general is Ray Trautman, and the man with the apron and the artificial arm is Albert Wenger, according to the caption that accompanied the photo in the newspaper.

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