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October 22, 2012

Hmong story cloth

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Hmong story cloth

Story cloth illustrating the participation of Hmong people in the Laotian Civil War (1953-1975), also known as the Secret War, and the subsequent Hmong genocide, resistance, exile in Thailand and emigration to the United States.  The scenes depicted on the cloth include the CIA-operated Laotian town of Long Chien as it appeared from 1967-1974; the flight of the Hmong from Laos into Thailand across the Mekong River; the refugee camp at Vinai; Hmong people studying English at Phanat Nikhom; and their arrival at and departure from a Bangkok airport.  The cotton cloth’s figures are embroidered; its border is appliqued.  Made in 1985.

For details, view the cloth in our online collections database.

Hmong story cloth (detail)

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