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October 8, 2012

Nutting fire extinguisher grenade

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Nutting fire extinguisher grenade

Fire extinguisher grenade made by the  Nutting Fire Grenade company of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The spherical yellow glass flask has a neck sealed with either lead or wax and cork.  A paper label affixed to one side reads, “How to Use / In case of Fire throw or / break the  / GRENADE / So the contents will be / scattered in the / Flame.” The paper label affixed to the neck reads “DIAMOND”. The bottle contains a fluid with some particle sediment; it is probably carbon tetrachloride.  The fire grenade was hung from a nail at the top of a door frame in the upstairs apartment at the Dahlgren Brothers General Store in Onamia, Minnesota, by the wire loop around the neck of the bottle.  Manufactured circa 1908.

To view more historical firefighting objects, and to learn about the dedication of the Minnesota Fallen Firefighter Memorial on September 30, 2012, watch our podcast Firefighting in Minnesota: A Salute to the Fallen.

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