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September 17, 2012

Photographs of Antietam and a bible from the battlefield – September 17, 1862

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These images were taken after the battle fought on September 17, 1862 at Antietam Creek in Sharpsburg, Maryland.  The battle would become known as the Battle of Antietam (or the Battle of Sharpsburg).  This was the first major battle on Union soil and the bloodiest one-day battle of the Civil War, amounting to 23,000 casualties (approximately 3,650 killed in action).  The photographs below show areas of the battlefield strewn with the bodies of fallen soldiers.

Where Sumner’s corps charged at Antietam
Site at Antietam where Sumner’s corps charged a Rebel artillery.
Citation: E425.11 r23. Minnesota Historical Society.

Dunker Church, Antietam, Sept. 17, 1862
Rebel artillery was attacked by the Union forces at this field near a building used by the Dunkers as a church.
Citation: E425.11 r24. Minnesota Historical Society.

One of the men killed at Antietam was Frank A. Gassett, a Confederate Private with the 6th Georgia Regiment whose Bible resides in the Minnesota Historical Society’s collection.  An accompanying newspaper clipping from the St. Paul Globe gives an embellished description of the Bible’s discovery.

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Confederate Soldier’s Bible
Cloth-bound Bible given to Dr. Albert Enos Higbee of the 12th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, Company B, by Fred C. Cook.  Cook’s father found the bible on the body of Frank A. Gassett, a Private with the 6th Georgia Regiment, after the battle of Antietam.
Citation: Confederate Soldier’s Bible. 9949.4. Minnesota Historical Society.

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