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July 12, 2012

Civil War mess kit

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Civil War mess kit

This non-regulation Civil War mess kit consists of a fork, knife, spoon, cork screw, salt and pepper shaker, and cup enclosed in a mahogany carrying case.  The fork, spoon, and knife have hinged hardware so that the utensil may be folded and seated in a mahogany base.  The spoon and fork are made of coin silver and the knife of steel, and each has an ebony handle.  The cylindrical salt and pepper shaker is made of ebony with bone inlay and the cup is of coin silver.  The cup seats over the mahogany base containing the utensils and this assemblage then seats horizontally in the carrying case, which has an inlayed brass shield and lock plate and is locked with a skeleton key.  The kit was used by Josiah Newton Davis of Milwaukee.

For details and additional images, view the mess kit in our online collections database.

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