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June 2, 2012

Diary entry describing Fair Oaks – June 2, 1862

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Diary entry by Joseph G. Trevor of the 1st Minnesota Regiment, Company E, describing the aftermath of the Battle of Fair Oaks:

“June 2nd
Just as we had composed ourselves to sleep last night a few muskets discharged out in front awoke us all and tumbling into line stood a few minutes awaiting the onslaught of the enemy. It soon ceased and we slept untill morn without further scare. a stray shot from some of the pickets killed one of Co. “C” who was buried in the yard of the house. as soon as we got up we went to work erecting a breastwork from the fine oak trees standing in the yard.
June 2nd
Fair Oaks indeed they were but. but their beauty could not save them from such a fate when demanded stern war. when finished we hauled the cannon inside and stacked arms. lay still all day. no signs of an enemy[.] our Prisoners and others burying the dead in the woods who are decomposing in piles, and tainting the air.”

Citation:  June 2, 1862 Diary entry by Joseph Trevor, Joseph G. Trevor diary, 1862. Minnesota Historical Society.

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