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May 31, 2012

Ojibwe dance costume shirt

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Ojibwe dance costume shirt

Ojibwe dance costume shirt (sleeve detail)

Ojibwe velvet dance costume shirt probably made for Kay-zhe-baush-kung (Otto Bismark) of Walker, Minnesota in 1920 and later purchased by Neal Barnard at the Leech Lake Indian Reservation.  It features both Ojibwe-style and Dakota-style beadwork lazy-stitched in two eight centimeter-wide bands that extend from the front of the shirt over each shoulder and down the back.  Each sleeve has a similar band extending the length of the sleeve to the cuff.  The cuffs are spot-stitched with a multicolor floral pattern on a white background and fringed with leather thongs covered with white beads.  Each thong terminates in a metal cone.  Either side of the front-slit neckline and center back has an applique of black velvet spot-stitched with floral beadwork.  All beadwork bands are outlined with flat metal disks, each sewn with a blue or red bead at the center.  A satin ribbon binds the edges of each band.  See also dance costume items 1984.156 and 1984.157.

For details, view the shirt in our online collections database.

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One Response to “Ojibwe dance costume shirt”

  1. Joanne Says:

    Incredible. :)

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