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April 18, 2012

Letter from Simon Stevens inquiring where the gift of a cannon(s) should be sent – April 18, 1862

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Transcriptions of two letters from Simon Stevens to Governor Ramsey regarding a gift of a rifled cannon for the 1st Minnesota Regiment.

“Private 56 Broadway N. York April 18th 1862
My Dear Sir; The Steel Battery of Rifled Canon presented by Hon. H. S. Sanford U.S.[A]. Resident of Brussels came a few days ago consigned to me with instructions to await advice from Mr Goodrich.  Mr. G refers me to you as you will see by the enclosed letter.
These pieces came with charges paid to New York.  They are now in the U.S. Public General order Star of [Mepis Humphrey and Co] where they will remain until I receive your instructions.  Some little expense has been incurred upon them for storage cartage, etc., etc., which together with cartage on delivery will amount altogether to about ($30) dollars.  I charge no commission but these expenses I shall have to pay on receiving the goods.
Pray command me and I remain very truly, Your Excellencys [pd] Simon Stevens
His Exellency Alexander Ramsey
Governor of Minnesota
The Secy of the Treasury has authorized them to be passed free of duty”

“56 Broadway New York, April 18th 1862
His Excellency Alexander Ramsey Governor of Minnesota
Sir, I am the consignee of a Steel Battery of Rifled Six pounders, three pieces, mounted complete and ready for the field, together with ammunition, a present from Hon. Henry S. Sanford U.S. Minister Resident of Brussels, intended for the 1st Minnesota Volunteers.
I was requested to receive instructions from Hon. Aaron Goodrich as to where they shall be sent.  Judge Goodrich refers me to your Excellency.
These cannon are beautiful indeed, and I am confident will prove, in the hands of Minnesota’s noble sons, most terrible and effective weapons against the enemies of our Country.
Be pleased Governor to give me your instructions and I remain as ever faithfully your friend and Hbe Servt.
Very Truly Simon Stevens”

Citation:  April 18, 1862 Letters from Simon Stevens, Letters Received–State Purchases. Minnesota: Governor: Ramsey. Records. Minnesota Historical Society. State Archives. Minnesota Historical Society.

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