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April 27, 2012

Documents related to Edward C. Sickels

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Documents related to Edward C. Sickels

Documents related to Reverend Edward C. Sickels, pastor emeritus of a Presbyterian church in Dixon, Illinois.  The documents comprise a newspaper clipping (A), municipal pass (B), and passport (C).  The newspaper clipping describes Sickels’ retirement; a photograph portrait is included. Handwritten on the bottom margin are the words, “The Interior 1/18/1903.”  The municipal pass (#79347) was issued to Sickels on December 14, 1861, by Provost Marshall George E. Leighton, Provost Marshall George E. Leighton of the 19th Missouri Regiment.  The pass entitles Sickels to pass beyond the city limits and county of St. Louis to enter to Illinois.  On the reverse of the pass is a physical description of Sickels. The cover of the blue cloth-bound passport booklet is embossed with the words “E. C. Sickels;” the booklet contains two paper leaves listing handwritten addresses throughout Europe to which Sickels traveled in 1857.  The main foldout passport sheet, with visas and approvals, has been removed, unfolded and stored separately.

For details, view the clipping, pass and passport in our online collections database.

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