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March 5, 2012

World War II K-ration

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World War II K-ration

K-ration issued to Wendal Kulenkamp of the 560th Medical Hospital Ship Platoon between 1941 and 1945.  The ration box contains all of its original contents, which include a tin of canned American cheese; a plastic-wrapped bag of crackers; two ounces of caramel; ingredients for making lemonade (lemon Juice powder and 23 grams of sugar); a pack of four unfiltered cigarettes; a book of 10 matches; a stick of gum; and a key to be used to open the can of cheese.  This particular ration was known as a dinner unit, and provided food intended for a light meal to be eaten late in the day, as opposed to the moderately-sized breakfast unit, to be eaten in the morning, and the largest meal unit, known as a supper unit, which was to be eaten around midday.

For details, view the K-ration in our online collections database.

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