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February 29, 2012

No Leap Year in 1862! Search Civil War Objects – February 29, 1862

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While there was no leap day in 1862, 150 years later we find ourselves on February 29th.  What better day to explore Civil War materials otherwise untapped in the Daybook?

  • To browse images of the Minnesota Historical Society’s Civil War collections, including over 400 photographs and over 900 objects, go to Collections Online .

Items in the above image are as follows, left to right:

  • Burnside Third Model .52 caliber percussion carbine:  ID Number 6988.13
  • General George B. McClellan with staff: Location no. E425.12 p45
  • 7th Minnesota campaign chest :  ID Number 2118.H421
  • A regimental winter camp:  Location no. E425.11 m1
  • General Abercrombie and staff:  Location no. E425.12 p4
  • “Darby” handcuffs:  ID Number 3624.H502
  • Confederate currency from South Carolina:  ID Number 1976.84.3
  • Civil War hardtack:  ID Number 7559.1
  • Buck-and-ball .69 caliber cartridge:  ID Number 1993.3.56
  • Libby Prison, Richmond, Virginia: Location no. E425.11 p30
  • Tiffany adaptation of a US Army Model 1850 sword:  ID Number 2005.35.1.A,B
  • Steam frigate, flagship of the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron: Location no. E425.11 m8

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