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January 18, 2012

Wadena and Joseph Charette

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Wadena and Joseph Charette (Wenji-maadab)

The Ojibwe chief Wadena and Civil War veteran Joseph Charette (also a chief) pose for a photograph at the White Earth Indian Reservation in 1907.  Charette, right, was also known as Joe or Joseph Critt, as well as by his Ojibwe name, Wenji-maadab.

For more details, view the photograph in our Visual Resources Database, where you’ll find additional images of Charette:

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One Response to “Wadena and Joseph Charette”

  1. Justin Taylor Says:

    I am a decendent of Chief Joesph and I find it amazing to be able to see these photos of him. I would also like to learn more about him.

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