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December 15, 2011

Wedding ensemble

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Wedding ensemble

Wedding dress and mantle worn by Adda Thompson of Winona, Minnesota at her wedding in 1879.  The ensemble was made by St. Paul dressmaker Mrs. A. Worley.  The one-piece purple velvet and satin dress (left) has a long cuirass bodice, a ruched satin center front panel and a flounced and draped velvet overskirt with a slight train.  The matching velvet dolman, or mantle (right), is of a close fitting cape construction with small sleeves attached through the side front.  It is ornamented with satin bows and trimmed with fur and chenille fringe at the hem.  The sleeves are ornamented with satin bows and hemmed with fur.

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One Response to “Wedding ensemble”

  1. Martha Says:

    Wow, what an outfit! Now that is a dress.

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