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December 27, 2011

Letter from C.S. Beatty to Ramsey regarding the mustering of MN men into a missouri regiment – December 27, 1861

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Letter from C. S. Beatty of Wisconsin to Governor Alexander Ramsey regarding the plight of 23 Minnesota men being mustered into Missouri regiments.

“La Crosse [WI] Dec 27th 1861 His Excellency Alex Ramsey Governor etc, Minnesota
Dear Sir, I recruited for the 16th Missouri regiment some 23 Minnesota boys.  They were mustered into the United States service. The balance of the Regiment was comprised principaly of Illinois men who were enlisted previous to the proclamation issued against recruiting for outside regiments by Gov [Richard] Yates of that state.  They were also mustered into the U.S. service and legaly the Governor had no control over them.  But by influencing Gen’l [David] Hunter (then in command) received an order for them, our men were promised protection as a company by accompanying the balance of the Regiment to Springfield Illinois. and as soon as they arrived were disbanded and consolodated with other companies with out a voice as to their officers or even a choice of the Regiment in that state.
The transaction was a fraud, used to aid Illinois regiments.  The boys were and are greatly dissatisfied.  They were induced to join this Missouri regiment by me with the expectation of receiving benefits that the state of Minnesota could not grant.  They are patriotic, worthy fellows.  I regret their position, they are not in the fault I claim in being led into the position they are in, and should not be alowed to suffer.  They are loyal citizens and claim the protection of the Governor of their state, and I in their behalf would most respectfully urge the Governor to act to their interests and not alow the Governor of Illinois to thus impose upon men who stand ready to retain the good name acquired by the brave boys of the Minnesota First. […]“

Citation: December 27, 1861 Letter from C.S. Beatty (?), Letters Received–2nd Regiment. Minnesota: Governor: Ramsey. Records. Minnesota Historical Society. State Archives.

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