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September 14, 2011

Model ship in a light bulb

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Model ship in a light bulb

Model ship in a light bulb made by Karl Schreiber, a German prisoner-of-war detained in Canada during World War I.  The clear glass bulb contains a miniature three-masted sailing ship within a harbor diorama that includes a hilly townscape, trees, and a chromolithograph of a castle.  Schreiber created the diorama while held in Morrissey, British Columbia, circa 1914-1917.

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One Response to “Model ship in a light bulb”

  1. Douglas McGregor Says:

    This is the second ship-in-a-lightbulb by Karl Schreiber that I am aware of. The other is held in a private Canadian collection. According to information on rear panel, Karl Schreiber POW No.241 was interned at a civilian camp at Morrissey, British Columbia from 1914 – 1917. National Park infrastructure owe a debt to these people who were put to work logging, mining and road building. Under the War Measures Act, twenty four internment camps were set up to accommodate roughly 8,600 diversely ethnic peoples who originated from the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires. Most were Ukrainians followed by German speaking peoples.

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