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September 16, 2011

Beyond Fitz, Red, and Ole: Minnesota Literature in the 1920’s

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The Twenties were a very rich decade for local writers. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sinclair (Red) Lewis, and O. E. Rolvaag all published a novel in 1920 and continued to do so throughout the decade. While the three of them remain in the cannon to this day, the Minnesota Historical Society has identified more than one hundred other novels by other Minnesota writers that received just as much attention at the time. These other writers and novels were widely reviewed and widely read when they were published. Predicting which books would still be in print and read 80 years after they were published would have been impossible.

Come see a selection of these beautiful, interesting books on display in the Library Lobby of the Minnesota Historical Society. The Library is free and open to the public. These will be on display until mid-November.

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4 Responses to “Beyond Fitz, Red, and Ole: Minnesota Literature in the 1920’s”

  1. Stephen Cheesebrow Says:

    Patrick, I was under the impression that Augsburg Publishing was based on religious matters. Was this a change of focus or the original idea behind them.

  2. pat Says:

    Steve, Augsburg also acted as the ethnicly Norske publishing company. But you are right, most of their publications were religious and – I am guessing here – became progressively more religiously focused over the years. Let’s as Debbie Miller what she knows. Pat

  3. Debbie Miller Says:

    Steve, Pat, Augsburg Publishing started out as a Norwegian-American Lutheran publishing house,publishing religious and other titles, music, Norwegian-language books, Christmas annuals, anniversary histories of Lutheran churches and even, as part of its “service publishing,” Lutheran church cookbooks. If you look up “Augsburg Publishing” in the MHS online catalog, you’ll find 157 titles, many in Norwegian. The earliest is a book of Norwegian sermons from 1891 called Menneskets liv fra vuggen til graven. Af nordiske geistlige,by Georg Smidt, The most recent is Edna Hatlestad Hong’s 1987 book Wild, Blue Berries: A Mystery Novel.

  4. Patrick Coleman Says:

    Thanks Debbie.

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