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August 30, 2011

Copies of bills and letters regarding Culver and Farrington supplying the 1st regiment – August 30, 1861

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Correspondence between Culver and Farrington, Adjutant General Sanborn, and Governor Ramsey regarding the enclosed bill from Culver and Farrington for supplying the 1st Minnesota Regiment.

Transcription from page 2 of a letter from firm of Culver & Farrington to Adjutant General John B. Sanborn:

[…] “At the time we agreed with you to furnish this Regiment, you and Governor Ramsey both informed us that the President and Secretary of War instructed him to clothe and equip the Regiment and the General Government would pay for all that was so furnished, it was upon these statements that we relied, when we made so large advances to provide for the Regiment it seems from what has followed that yourself and the Governor must have been mistaken in regard to this matter, or the authorities at Washington are failing to do as they agreed.  We desire to have this account adjusted at once, and hope that you and the Governor may ascertain immediately whether or not you were correctly informed at the time we furnished the goods that the General Government would pay for them,
Yours very respectfully”

See full letter: 1861-08-30_1_full_text

Transcription from page 3 of a letter from Adjutant General John B. Sanborn to Governor Ramsey:

[…] “The accounts are correct and should be adjusted and paid by the General Government, but you will observe by the enclosed copy of the letter of this house to me, that for some reason the Officers of the General Government have failed to pay any attention to the accounts.  It is difficult to understand why this is, if you correctly understand the Secretary of War.  The Government have had a three months regiment and a three years furnished by this house to such an extent as to enable them to leave for the Seat of War in a comfortable respectable and fighting condition at only about one quarter of the expense charged by some States to the General Government (if we can judge from the reports of Legislative proceedings) for our three months regiment.  I think this matter demands attention and that the reasons why the Government do not adjust and pay for the small pitance furnished with sparing hands to our brave Regiments be ascertained.”

See full letter: 1861-08-30_2_full_text

Citation: August 30, 1861 Letters and bill between Culver & Farrington, Adjutant General Sanborn and Governor Ramsey, Letters Received–State Officials. Minnesota: Governor: Ramsey. Records. Minnesota Historical Society. State Archives.

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