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June 25, 2011

Bloomer diary entry – June 25, 1861

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Diary entry by Samuel Bloomer, a soldier from the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Regiment.

“At eleven PM we arrived in Washington a drowsy, stupid, hungery and used up set. We were marched to the assembly rooms where our Co and 3 others were quartered for the night. I for one as soon as ranks were broken not waiting for any thing to eate laid down on the floor and went to sleep without blanket, over coat or any thing else, having had no rest to speak of since we left Fort Ridgely and all that we had had to eate during our travel was crackers and [?] and none to much of that accepting the breakfast that the RR Co gave us and what the Ladies of huntington gave us, “Bless them”

See whole letter: 1861-06-25

See whole transcript: 1861-06-25_transcription

Citation: June 25 Entry, Diary , May 28- July 4, 1861. Vol. 1. Samuel Bloomer Papers. Minnesota Historical Society.

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